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Fish Skin Heals Wounds: Tilapia Colla...

Fish Skin Heals Wounds: Tilapia Collagen Boosts Skin Repair

Fish skin may be an effective dressing for skin wounds. A new study says that a protein found in freshwater tilapia fish promotes skin repair. According to researcher Xiumei Mo from Donghua University in Shanghai, China, applying collagen (a major structural protein in animals) to wounds helps speed up the healing process. Fish Skin Protein […]

Chilli Peppers Aid Weight Loss: Chill...

Chilli Peppers Aid Weight Loss: Chilli Pepper Diet Burns Fat

Chilli Peppers spur weight loss – Capsaicin, the chief ingredient which gives chilli peppers their heat helps boost metabolism without the need for diet restriction. Capsaicin helps prevent obesity by stimulating the body to burn energy and produce heat – thereby burning fat and managing weight. An imbalance between your calorie intake and energy burning […]

Instant Noodles Linked To Heart Disea...

Instant Noodles Linked To Heart Disease

Most people consume instant noodles blissfully unaware of potential health risks. Eating too much of instant noodles or processed ramen noodles may drive you to an early death. While instant noodles are convenient, inexpensive and best consumed hot, just how healthy are they? Eating instant noodles may increase your risk of metabolic changes tied to […]

15 Awesome Beauty Benefits of Drinkin...

15 Awesome Beauty Benefits of Drinking Tea

Beauty benefits of drinking tea include weight loss and beautiful skin. Drinking tea lifts you mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Research studies have shown that the beauty benefits of tea are long ranging – tea keeps the skin hydrated, facilitates weight management, helps detoxify the body, a great beauty aid and hair conditioner. Tea lovers, […]

Jerry The Teddy Bear Teaches Kids Abo...

Jerry The Teddy Bear Teaches Diabetic Kids About Diabetes

Jerry the Teddy Bear is an educational toy for children with diabetes. It helps diabetic kids gain knowledge about their condition. About Jerry The Teddy Bear: Jerry the Bear is a warm, fuzzy personal robot for kids with Type 1 Diabetes. He helps diabetic kids learn about, deal with and manage their illness. Jerry the […]

Eating Nuts Good For Heart Health

Eating Nuts Good For Heart Health

Eating Nuts do your heart a world of good. You cut your risk of heart disease by a third if you consume one serving of nuts daily. Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide – but researchers have found that there is a simple way to maintain a healthy heart. Foods good for the heart […]

Knee Arthritis Improves By Walking 60...

Knee Arthritis Improves By Walking 6000 Steps Daily

Knee Arthritis is kept at bay by walking 6,000 steps a day. A new study has revealed that walking reduces functional limitation risk associated with knee osteoarthritis. The study suggests that walking 6,000 steps per day protects those with knee arthritis from developing mobility-related issues, such as walking, difficulty climbing up stairs or getting up […]

Top 10 Tomato Health Benefits

Top 10 Tomato Health Benefits

Tomato health benefits include keeping kidney cancer at bay. Tomatoes are widely used in most Indian dishes – but what is great news is that tomatoes are packed with lycopene, a compound that prevents kidney cancer in women. Amazing Tomato Health Benefits: According to a Live Science report, women who consumed large amounts of lycopene […]

Metabolic Syndrome Linked To Poor Bre...

Eat A Hearty Breakfast To Lower Risk Of Adult Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is more likely to affect adults with poor breakfast habits. Teens who skipped breakfast were more likely to develop metabolic syndrome later in life, compared with adolescents who had more substantial breakfasts. Missing morning meals raises the risk of diabetes & obesity later on in life. What is Metabolic Syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is […]

Israeli REGENECURE ‘Wrapping Paper’ H...


Israeli REGENECURE ‘Wrapping Paper’ speeds up the healing of broken bones. An Israeli company REGENECURE has designed a special “wrapping paper” that when applied to fractures, hastens the healing process. The REGENECURE product consists of a thin, flexible material known as a membrane implant that can be shaped easily into any form to provide total containment of the damaged […]

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