May 162011
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Video Games Make Teens Eat More

Video Games Tied To Food Craving

Playing video games makes teenagers hungry.

Teenage boys tend to have more food after spending an hour video gaming, says a new study.

Video Games Linked To Food Craving:

A Canadian study that involved 22 teens of normal-weight found that the lads had 163 extra calories after playing video games & didn’t compensate for the additional intake by burning up more calories while video gaming or consuming less in the course of the day.

The study was undertaken to show whether video-gaming itself affected eating habits.

Although the additional 163 calories appears trivial, if it’s chronic, it may have a significant effect down the years.

However, the lads’ self-ratings of hunger & levels of appetite hormones weren’t affected by gaming.

Instead there may be a slight ‘mental-stress effect’, and consuming food potentially fulfills the brain’s requirement for a ‘reward’. Mainly we’d crave fatty and sugary food.

Overall, the teens expended more energy when video gaming than when relaxing. However, their food intake made up for the energy expended that day, fetching them an additional 163 calories.

Parents must try to restrict their kids’ screen time, and replace the sedentary hours with outdoor activity.

Experts generally urge children not to spend more than 2 hours before the TV/computer per day.


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