Jun 282011
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 It’s the hottest trend in nail fashion – an ultra-thin sticker that’s applied to nails, allowing the wearer to flaunt metallic foil or graphic prints on the fingers.

Minx nail coverings are adhesive nail stickers that come in a variety of colors & patterns. Since they’re not liquid, there is no drying time, spilling, smudging and chipping.

Celebrities like Beyonce, Solange, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian & Rihanna have all got themselves well and truly minxed.

You can mix ‘n match the designs. Each Minx set has 10-12 per sheet, with each having different nail sizes.

The nails are prepped using a file, and the client’s hands placed under a heat lamp.

Each Minx nail covering is carefully selected according to nail size & shape before it’s cured under the lamp for close to 10 seconds. The coverings then are painstakingly & meticulously placed onto the nails one by one, a pusher is used to run over them, the ends are folded over the finger pads and placed under the lamp for a couple of minutes. Then careful, precise filing follows to make sure that each covering exactly fits to the nail. Lastly, a short hand massage and that’s it.

The end result is stunning, blingy nails that would make the wearer the envy of all!

A minx manicure costs between $30-55 with over a 100 designs to select from. They last for 1-2 weeks.

To extend the life of Minx, every couple of days you need to blast them with a hair dryer or hold them over a pot of boiling water & then push them down with a cuticle pusher.

To remove the Minx coverings, just blast them with hot air & then push from the cuticles forward.

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