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Halo Oral Antiseptic Spray Prevents Colds and FluClinical researchers at University Hospitals Case Medical Center have developed a unique oral antiseptic spray that fights germs and prevents colds and flu.

Being exposed to airborne germs, particularly while traveling or when in crowded environments, is inevitable. The Halo Oral Antiseptic is effective in destroying 99.9% of airborne infectious germs.

Halo is beneficial in combating infection and reducing disease from epidemic, pandemic or sporadic respiratory viral infections, especially helping those at risk for acute respiratory illness.

The germ-killing Halo Oral Antiseptic spray generates a ‘gum microbial barrier’ which safeguards people from such airborne germs as rhinovirus and influenza while also combating respiratory ailments.

The glycerine & xanthan gum restrict germ-entry into the user’s system while cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), the anti-infective agent, destroys the germs once they are trapped there.

Halo is also effective in fighting pathogenic germs that cause diseases and thereby helps prevent infections.

Halo oral spray forms a coating to the back of a person’s oral cavity, giving continued antiseptic action against the airborne germs a person breathes in. All that you need to do is to spray Halo thrice to the back of your mouth, circulate & swallow. You are then free to eat or drink and do your regular activities.

Halo spray, available in US supermarkets, has been clinically proven to destroy airborne germs a person breathes in for about 6 hours with a single dose, even when users were eating & drinking.

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