Jan 102013

Digital Ice Cubes Designed To Monitor Alcohol Consumption

Dhairya Dand, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed high-tech LED ice cubes that respond to ambient music and assess how drunk people are.

The unique glowing cubes are made from edible gelatin and embedded with accelerometers, infrared transmitters and LED lights which go from a green color to orange to finally red, based on how fast the person is consuming alcohol and how much he has drunk.

If the drinker doesn’t heed the warning and slow down once the flashing self-aware ice cubes turn red, the glowing ice cubes text his buddies via his smartphone that he requires help.

The accelerometer assesses the number of sips he’s taken – providing him an estimate of the drinker’s blood alcohol content that’s about 80% accurate.

Twenty-three-year old Dhairya Dand, says the idea occurred to him after excessive drinking at a campus party last fall landed him in hospital after a black out.

Dhairya Dand conceived the idea after he was told to submit a twenty-page research paper on the hazards of binge drinking after finding himself in deep trouble  with the MIT authorities for his excessive drinking.

He thought of making something that would control alcohol consumption. So he invented LED ice cubes that determine the amount of alcohol imbibed and caution the drinker when he’s exceeded the safety limit.

 Click to view the video here: http://vimeo.com/56772409

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