Jan 212013
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Good Morning Sing N Shock Clock Jolts You To Life

Student Sankalp Sinha, who found it difficult to wake up early and be on time to attend lectures has developed a device called the ‘Good Morning Sing N Shock’ clock that shocks owners awake.

The 19-year-old student thought of the idea after he habitually punched the snooze button of his mobile phone alarm before returning to sleep. He wanted something that was capable of waking him up from slumber and so he developed an alarm clock that produces a small shock via its snooze button. The clock will play your favorite music to awaken you before it shocks you out of bed

The Good Morning Sing N Shock clock features an electrified snooze button which renders a tiny shock of under 1v when the owner tries to turn it off or hits the snooze button.

The clock features an aluminium-coated snooze button, which when pressed, emits harmless micro-volts of electric current to jolt users into action.

Sankalp Sinha, an automobile engineering student at Sharda University, Uttar Pradesh, expects his £60 ‘Good Morning Sing N Shock’ clock to be on sale later this year. Sankalp says that his concept clock can rouse even the deepest sleeper and ensure they are ready for the day.


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