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Coffee makes you fat

Caffeine Fix Causes Obesity

Drinking more than 5 cups of coffee every day could cause weight gain and chronic disease. Chlorogenic acid present in coffee may cause obesity and insulin resistance in case 5 or more cups of the brew are drunk.

While a single cup of coffee actually is good for health, 5 or more cups could be harmful.

Caffeine Fix Causes Obesity:

Consuming 5 cups of coffee every day may slow down metabolism, cause obesity and increase diabetes risk.

While earlier studies have found that moderate coffee consumption could bring about weight loss and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, the recent findings indicate that excess coffee prevents weight loss. Five coffees led to a two-fold increase in visceral fat around abdominal organs, greater glucose intolerance plus increased insulin resistance.

According to Australian researchers, over-consumption of chlorogenic acid (CGA), a compound present in coffee may prevent weight loss and cause insulin resistance.

Chlorogenic acid present in coffee may affect the way liver metabolizes fat plus how fat is stored by cells, contributing to weight increase.

The CGAs were earlier known for their positive health benefits like reducing blood pressure, lowering body fat accumulation and increasing insulin sensitivity. But the latest study by the University of Western Australia and WA Institute for Medical Research has found that too much caffeine may result in fat accumulation and other problems.

It’s okay for people to sip moderate amounts of the brew. A moderate coffee intake of 3-4 cups a day is known to lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease & type 2 diabetes.

Experts believe it’s a waste of money to purchase expensive products such as green coffee beans that are currently regarded as excellent weight loss products, as they could have high CGA levels and consequently cause weight gain.

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