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Skipping Breakfast Puts Women At Risk Of Diabetes
Jun 192013

Skipping Breakfast Puts Women At Risk Of Diabetes

Skipping breakfast is associated with a greater body mass index as well as a heightened risk of Type II diabetes.

Obese and overweight woman who don’t eat breakfast usually experience an increase in their levels of insulin and glucose post-lunch. Excess weight is indeed a major risk factor for developing diabetes.

Skipping Breakfast Fuels Insulin Resistance:

A study conducted by Elizabeth Thomas M.D. of the University of Colorado School of Medicine found that the insulin as well as glucose levels post lunch spiked dramatically in women who had not taken breakfast. There were more free fatty acids in those women who skipped the morning meal.

Insulin resistance is a condition where a person needs more insulin so as to bring down their blood sugar levels into normal range.

Glucose levels normally go up after a meal, and this in turn fuels insulin production, which assists body cells absorb glucose and then convert it into energy.

However, researchers observed that participants’ insulin and glucose levels post-lunch were more elevated on the days when the women skipped the morning meal than on the days when they ate it.

The days when the participants skipped breakfast, they required higher insulin levels to manage the same meal.

The higher levels showed acute insulin resistance on account of skipping breakfast. The heightened metabolic response could lead to chronic insulin resistance. Once the body permanently resists the effects of insulin, sugar accumulates in the blood, leading to diabetes over time.

Most people don’t have 3 wholesome meals daily, but rather have 1 or 2 meals and then snack. According to researchers, 10%- 20% of the general population forego breakfast.

People could be skipping breakfast to try and consume less but they wind up with an impaired use of energy for their bodies that makes them to actually put on more weight and become more insulin resistant.

Fit individuals who ate breakfast regularly showed increased hunger, impaired insulin sensitivity, decreased satiety, bad lipid profiles and no change or hike in energy intake when they didn’t eat breakfast.

Not eating breakfast has adverse cardio-metabolic effects in overweight women, including a greater risk for Type II diabetes.

In Type II diabetes, the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or doesn’t use it effectively.

Skipping breakfast leads to acute insulin resistance and a spike in the levels of free fatty acids in obese women.

Eating breakfast every morning helps obese women lower their risk of diabetes. Consuming a healthy breakfast not only helps people control their weight but also avoid diabetes.

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