Jun 242013
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Struggling To Remember Passwords? Just Pop A Password PillA wonder pill that remembers all your passwords has been developed by Proteus Digital Health, California. The password pill comes as a blessing in disguise for those who have problems remembering passwords.

The revolutionary new pill contains a tiny chip that eliminates the requirement for passwords and ID documents such as passports. The ingestible capsule contains a tiny chip that transmits your personal verification details. Electronic devices can easily read the unique signals being emitted from the chip in the smart pill.

The ingestible sensor functions from inside the user’s stomach; the device is powered by a battery that uses the acid in the stomach.

Password Pill For Easy Verification:

Find it difficult to remember your ever-growing list of bank/computer passwords? Forgotten your company ID card or driving licence? Now there is smart pill for that.

The password pill is based on technology developed by Proteus Digital Health and it contains a tiny computer chip plus a switch that gets activated once it’s within immediate proximity of the stomach’s acid in the body. It then emits a tiny signal which mobile devices can decipher and enables them to authenticate the identity of the user.

Essentially, the user’s entire body becomes his/her authentication token.

The tiny, swallowable device stores all your codes/ID in the stomach. It can automatically connect with smartphones and verify your details to a range of devices. The pill is powered by user’s stomach acid and it transmits encrypted information to the code readers on smartphones or office doors.

The FDA and European regulators have approved the controversial technology for medical use.

Each smart capsule is designed to travel through the user’s body at the routine process of digestion. Users can take it every day for a month.

Smartphones store a lot of data about users, which makes them far more susceptible to identity theft.

Proteus Digital Health is now looking to develop electronic tattoos that store personal data.

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