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Phyode W/Me Wristband Uplifts Your Mood

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The Phyode W/Me wristband is a wearable device which helps get your troubled mental state quickly back on track.

Developed by Phyode, a Mountain View startup, the W/Me wristband aims to read the wearer’s mood and provide an interactive guide so as to get you back on track quickly.

The Bluetooth-enabled wristband is a rhythmic breathing coach that also measures your ANS – autonomic nervous system.

W/Me Features:

The Phyode W/Me wristband is a sophisticated sensor that works in tandem with Phyode’s proprietary algorithm on users smartphone to guide their breathing and improve their lifestyle.

Each Phyode W/Me wristband has a medical-grade state-of-the-art sensor known as the life spectrum analyzer that can capture and study electrical impulses transmitted from specialized cells located in the right atrium. In conjunction with Phyode’s proprietary algorithm, the device can decode your heart rate variability, clearly map out the body’s ANS, as well as indicate the wearer’s mental state at anytime.

Measurements are taken by touching & holding the wristband. The results are then transmitted to an application on the wearer’s smartphone. Your mental state is mapped out displaying where you stand on the anxious, pessimistic, excitable and passive spectrum. When things aren’t really good, the app’s virtual instructor, Attu the fitness whale, interactively guides you through the breathing rhythms.

Phyode launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000. The W/Me was fully funded.

The ergonomically designed wristband self-adjusts to different wrist sizes.

A unique wearable device, the Phyode W/Me wristband monitors your body’s ANS and helps users improve their health more effectively.

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