Jul 112013
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Pizza Hut Sri Lanka Introduces The Birizza - Biryani + Pizza

Birizza From Pizza Hut Sri Lanka

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Pizza Hut Sri Lanka has recently re-introduced the Birizza – a delicious fusion of biryani + pizza.

The Birizza is baked pizza dough that’s placed over a delicious serving of biryani much like a pot pie.

The combination of biryani + pizza available at all the Pizza Hut outlets throughout Sri Lanka is a fusion of delicious curry-spiced rice enveloped in a delectable crispy crust layer and baked to yummy perfection.

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka offers Chicken Birizza with spicy chunks of chicken and Vegetarian Birizza with cubed cheese and veggies. It comes with a fresh onion sambol and a spicy gravy.  The dish is available in regular as well as large size and is priced at $1.98 (260 rupees).

Wondering how to get started on the Birizza? Here’s how to go about it. First, pull back the crust and dip parts of the dough wrapper into the delicious spicy gravy that accompanies your Birizza. Next, pour the gravy over the fragrant biryani rice, add onion sambol and relish to your heart’s content!

Several requests by its customers to bring back their favourite meal prompted Pizza Hut Sri Lanka to rethink this wonderful dish.

All the Pizza Hut outlets in Sri Lanka offer Birizza for take-away, dine-in and delivery.

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