Aug 142013
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Grapefruit Heralds New Cardiovascular Disease Treatment

Heart-Friendly Grapefruit

A grapefruit pill, harnessed with health boosting molecules, may be effective in treating cardiovascular disease.

Scottish researchers have discovered that molecules in grapefruit can be used for treating heart disease.

Heart-Friendly Grapefruit:

Glasgow University scientists have identified molecules that occur naturally in grapefruit which may play a vital role in treating cardiovascular disease. The discovery can lead to the creation of new anti-inflammatory drug therapies.

Scottish researchers have observed that biomolecules in the fruit can be used to lower the inflammation which could lead to deadly heart disease, the number one killer disease in the UK.

Citrus fruits, especially grapefruit contain molecules called flavanoids that have anti-inflammatory properties.


Scientists believe that these molecules can be used to develop new anti-inflammatory medicines that are inexpensive, easier to manufacture and far less toxic than existing therapies.

While a whole host of new drugs capable of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure are widely used, heart disease is still considered as the leading cause of death worldwide and incidences are on the rise.


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