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Samantha Lee, a Malaysian mom has turned into an Instagram star all thanks to the artistically created plates of food that she rustles up for her two daughters.

With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, Food artist Samantha Lee is definitely the flavour of the season. She has appeared on numerous Malaysian TV shows, recreating her intricate food designs.

She takes about a 1 ½ hours to create each dish, and uses quite simple tools to give shape to her ideas. The stay-at-home mother of two has never attended any cooking class/training.

Those interested in replicating Samantha Lee’s food art can head over to her blog named where detailed instructions are given.

Samantha Lee’s Food Art:

Check out some of the Malaysian Food Artist’s designs.

1. Waiting for my ride

Waiting for my ride

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Waiting For My Ride


a. Bear: Nori, Cheese, Tomato fried rice

b. Suitcase: Cheese, Nori, Melted cheese on meat patty

c. Bus stop: Nori, Cheese, Green bean

2. Amsterdam!


Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Amsterdam



a. Townhouses: Peanut butter, Bread, Nutella, Cream cheese, Icing

b. Boat: a Granny smith apple

c. Wall: Cereal

3. St.Basil’s Cathedral, Russia:

St. Basils Cathedral 450x450

Samantha lee’s Food Art – St.Basil’s Cathedral, Russia



a. St. Basil’s Cathedral: Granny smith apple, 2 bread slices, Fuji apple, Nutella, Peanut butter, Gel icing (red, white, brown)

4. San Francisco!

San Francisco 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – San Francisco!



a. Townhouses: Peanut butter, Bread, Icing/strawberry jam, Granny smith apple, Cream cheese, Red apple, Nutella

b. Tree: Kiwi

c. Golden Gate Bridge: Icing/strawberry jam

5. Monkey

Monkey 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Monkey



a. Monkey: Meat (body), Brown rice onigiri, Nori (seaweed), White rice onigiri

6. Native American

Native American

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Native American



a. Native American: Rice (fried rice or brown rice), Carrot, Nori, Cheese

b. Tent: Spaghetti, Cheese on meatball, Nori

c. Bow & arrow: Nori, Cheese, Spaghetti

7. Cowboy Way

Cowboy 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Cowboy


a. Cowboy: Nori (seaweed), Cheese, Onigiri (rice ball)

 b. Cowboy rope: Spaghetti

c. Horse: Tofu, Nori, Cheese

d. Cactus: Cucumber

8. T h e P e n g u i n s !


Samantha Lee’s Food Art – The Penguins



a. P e n g u i n s: Cream cheese, Multigrain bun, halved, Nutella (as brown or black), Apple (eyes & nose)

b. House: Apple (1 centimeter thickness slices)

c. Mountains: Watermelon

d. Fish pond: Cereal, Yogurt

e. Fishes: Strawberries

9. S n o o p y!

snoopy 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Snoopy



a. Snoopy: Multigrain bread, Nutella, Cream cheese

b. Snoopy’s doghouse: Apple

c. BBQ firewood: Strawberry, Cookie sticks, Mashmallow

d. Moon: Peanut butter, Multigrain bread

e. Stars: Choc fudge or Nutella, Sprinkles

10. I a m M i f f y

miffy 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – I am Miffy



a. M i f f y: Nori (seaweed), Bok choy (boil in salt water), Onigiri (rice ball)

b. M i f f y ‘ s Home: Pure cream for drawing, Cucumber soup

11. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Hello Kitty



a. Hello Kitty: Choc chips, Wholemeal bun, halve, Nutella / Choc fudge (for drawing)

b. Balloons: a variety of berries

c. Clouds: Whipped cream

d. Ground: Cereals, Yogurt

12. Minions


Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Minions


a. Minions: Cheese slice for the goggles, Cheese on meatballs, Nori for black

b. Lightbulbs: Red and yellow bell pepper

13. Pirate

pirate 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Pirate


a. Pirate: Apple, Nutella, Wholemeal bun

b. Pirate Ship: Watermelon, Rock melon, Wholemeal bun (skull & flag)

c. Sun: Banana

d. The ocean: Cereal, Yogurt

14. The Little Mermaid !

Little mermaid

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – The Little Mermaid



a. Mermaid: Cream cheese, Bread bun, Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, Scrambled Eggs

b. Fish: Babybel (cheese), Blueberry, Strawberry

15. NINJA!


Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Ninja



a. Ninja: Nutella, Bread bun

b. Sword: Banana, Apple

16. Little Red Riding Hood!

Red riding hood 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Little Red Riding Hood


a. Little Red Riding hood: Cream cheese, Wholemeal Bun, halve, Jam, Peanut butter, Blueberry (eyes), Strawberry (scarf), Apple

b. Basket: Wholemeal bun, Choc fudge or Nutella to draw

c. Sun: Kiwi fruit

d. Trees: Apple (tree trunks), Strawberries

17. Windmill ! Welkom in Nederland


Windmill1 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Windmill


a. Windmill: Peanut butter and bread for the building, Apple as sails & door, Nutella and bread for the rooftop

b. Clouds:  Cotton candy

c. Tulips (red): Pomegranate

d. The ground: Cereal, Fruits, Yogurt

18. Quack Quack Quack !

Quack 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Quack! Quack!


Tools: Cling wrap, knife, scissors and toothpick.


a. Duckling: Onigiri (Use cling wrap for molding rice. One for the head plus one for its body). Cut out the nori for black. For shaping the the crown, place the cut out nori atop the cheese slice. Then cut/trace the shapes using knife/toothpick. Nori can stand and sticks on the rice.

19. Polar Bear

polar bear 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Polar Bear



a. Polar bear: Onigiri (a rice ball)

b. Penguins: Nori as colour black, Sausages

– For the penguin’s beak, use a toothpick for drawing a triangle on a cheese slice

20. J’adore Paris

Paris1 450x450

Samantha Lee’s Food Art – Paris


a. Eiffel Tower is made using pancakes. Pancake batter in a squeeze bottle for drawing the shape. Choc fudge/ Nutella for details.

b. Clouds: Whipped cream

c. Trees: Veggie sticks, Kiwi

d. Landscape: Fruits


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