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Eat Raspberries To Improve Fertility Chances

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Eat Raspberries To Improve Fertility Chances

Raspberries boost fertility

Intake of fresh raspberries helps improve fertility in males. The berries are rich in Vitamin C, a vital nutrient that enhances male fertility; they also contain magnesium which helps in testosterone production.

Raspberries Boost Fertility:

A study conducted by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has claimed that raspberries have essential nutrients that could potentially improve fertility in men as well as in women.

Due to their very high Vitamin C and antioxidant content, raspberries could improve chances of fatherhood.


Raspberries are also believed to contain ten times more antioxidants than tomatoes; they play a key role in protecting sperm and in maintaining healthy body weight. The berries are the touted as the best fertility treatment.

The high antioxidant levels in these berries protect sperms from oxidative stress.

It’s thought that even after conception these antioxidants continue to shield the embryo and could reduce the risk of a miscarriage.

According to fertility nutritionist Juliet Wilson, one portion of these berries provides the very same amount of Vit C as consuming 173 grapes.


The study has revealed that males over 44 years with the greatest intake of Vit C – found in raspberries, potatoes and broccoli – had 20% less damage to the sperm DNA compared to men who didn’t eat those foods.

Raspberries have ample nutrients and are the perfect fertility food for couples trying for a baby. They are an excellent source of folate – essential during conception and key pregnancy stages as well as in early embryo development.

Raspberries have the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) of any fruit, which means their sugar gets absorbed slowly into the body.

They have high fibre content which helps control hunger/cravings with just a few calories.

Their fertility-boosting properties combined with their very high antioxidant levels make raspberries a great bedtime snack.

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